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eZresults - benefits

  • make your event progress/results available as it happens, from anywhere
  • participants can check their progress at anytime.
  • redundant methods of progress updates (like paper) are no longer required.
  • no software to buy or install.
  • subscribers get bonus history. All of your event results history is kept forever, enabling you to link back to it.
  • event results can have a single report or many. These can also be grouped.
  • free improvents and updates. since it is a web based application, all enhancements are automatically available to you.
  • BONUS: have your event featured on our home page


eZreg - benefits

outstanding value for money

  • free signup
  • free event setup
  • no annual fees
  • no software to buy or install

no risk

basically, until you make a profit, there are no costs at all, this is because there are no upfront fees, you only need to pay for each registrant, as they register.

increase attendance

by making it easier for your registrants, more will sign up for your event.
regisrants will avoid the hassles of a paper entry, including

  • no more cheques or money orders
  • no more postage
  • no more filling out paper forms

reduce costs

reduce your running costs, by saving your time.

  • no more entering all your paper entries into the computer. all of your entries will be accessible electronically through your account
  • fees are collected with our secure online payment method, no more going to the bank to cash money orders and cheques
  • no more bounced cheques
  • no more incorrect entry fees
  • one click, copy a previous event to run a similar one
  • monitor entries from your account

example of cost savings
you run an event, and sell a total of 500 tickets are sold

task calculation of time required time required
manual entry of entries = 7 mins * 500 entries = 58.3 hours
banking cheques and money orders. including travel = 1 x 60 mins = 1 hour
contacting entrants to correct invalid entries. including incorrect fees. = (500 entries * 5%) * 10 mins = 4.1 hours

so as you can see, it takes over 60 hours to just receive and process the entries for the event.
based on $30/hour, that's a total cost of $1800.

other benefits

  • secure credit card payments