While vacationing in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia, at whale watching time, you want to find the best tours to accommodate your needs. To be out there when the humpback whales have arrived from July to October and watch them at rest and play. There are many different tours available depending on what you are looking for and who you are travelling with since Hervey Bay is known as the Whale Watching Capital of Australia.


Freedom Whale Watch Tour offers a three-quarter day cruise. You’ll get about six hours at sea to enjoy all the humpback whale antics at Great Sandy Strait Marine Park. The tour offers you a chance to view the whales from three viewing levels while enjoying some snacks. The boat has a high-tech hydrophone so you can enjoy the humpback whales singing in all their glory. There is a one-price deal for families that include two adults and two children. Part of the package is your transport to the location, morning and afternoon tea, buffet lunch, and onboard Wi-Fi.


Tasmanian Venture offers four-hour half-day tours on a speedy catamaran. The vessel has five viewing decks, windows for underwater viewing, and a hydrophone to get every lovely note of the whale’s song. The ship heads out to the western side of Fraser Island and offers morning and afternoon tea. You can enjoy some antipasto while sharing your adventure with friends through the free Wi-Fi on the return trip. There is a special package deal for families, including two adults and two children. If you prefer, you can get combination tours that include a day trip to Fraser Island or snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef at Lady Elliot Island.


There is the Spirit of Hervey Bay for families with young children, which offers a morning half-day tour. There are five viewing decks and a large platform for underwater viewing. There are activities onboard like toys and activity books to occupy their time for children. Children receive a free souvenir whale DVD. The family package includes two adults and two children, and you get transport to the vessel, onboard Wi-Fi, and morning/afternoon tea.


Whalesong Cruises caters to those with special needs or requests. These are family-friendly cruises with wide decks and passengers from 25 to 45 in number. You get four hours at sea with activities for children. The vessel’s side and rear decks and main saloon are accessible to wheelchairs. The crew is multilingual and can translate in French, German, Spanish, and Italian. You also have a choice of an afternoon sunset tour. On the sunset tour, you get champagne and a buffet dinner where you can request special dietary needs. Family packages for two adults and two children include transport to the vessel, morning tea and buffet lunch or afternoon tea and buffet dinner.


The Boat Club Adventure Curis Frasier Coast fun offers a half-day tour, particularly for people on a budget. It offers for every paying adult, one child under 14, free. Onboard refreshments are available. There are three viewing decks, a hydrophone to catch the singing songs of humpback whales, and an underwater camera. The vessel brings you to the waters of Platypus Bay, where you can watch the humpback whales play. The package includes transport to ship, morning or afternoon tea and coffee, and you get 10% off meals and coffee at the Boat Club.


These are just some of the Hervey Bay whale watch tour packages available, There are many more, and it all depends on what you are looking for and your preference. You can take a look online and make your choice and have a wonderful humpback whale watching experience.

Book a whale watch tour in Hervey Bay and get the most out of this Australian experience when you visit the country.