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frequently asked questions


how does eZreg work?

for a detailed explanation of how eZreg works, check out the how eZreg works page

how much does it cost?

all of the pricing details can be found on our pricing page.

who can use eZeventing?

eZeventing is perfect for anyone who needs to collect fees for a registration. including club/organisation memberships and entries for music or sporting events. fundraising organisations will also benefit from using the system by collecting their registrations for fundraising dinners, and other events.

what are the benefits?

the benefits are instant, save time, increase attendance and therefore revenue, for a complete list of benefits, visit our benefits page.

do I need a credit card?

absolutely not, in fact we will never ask you for credit card details, as it is simply not required. Since any fees come from your event registrants, as an event organiser the service is completely free.

how do I get my money?

during signup, we will ask you for your bank details, so we can automatically credit your account on a weekly basis.

how do I get started?

visit our get started page to help you with the startup process.

are there any instructions?

our user guide will help you get things moving. more extensive instructions are currently being written.

also our mindmap will give you a visual representation of our system.