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entering eZcredit events

click here to open these instructions in a new window.
by doing this you can have the instructions open to follow, while you go through the process.

to enter an eZcredit event

  1. find the event you want to enter on the events page
  2. go through the process of entering an event as normal.
  3. when you get to the cart, if you do not have enough credit, you will see the message "Insufficient funds - Purchase eZcredit to complete transaction, buy credit?".
    if you do not see this message, you have sufficient credit, and you can skip to step 11.
  4. click the "buy credit" link, this will direct you to the my account page.
  5. on the "my account" page you will see a section titled "eZcredit", under this section are links to buy credit, click the amount of credit you would like to purchase.
  6. this will take you back to the cart page, where you will see your credit purchase in your cart.
  7. click "pay Paypal items" to pay for your credit with paypal
  8. you will now be sent to paypal to pay for your eZcredit.
  9. pay for your eZcredit on Paypal, and you will be returned to eZeventing.
  10. on returning to eZeventing, click the "return to cart" link, you will now see the cart with your previously entered entries waiting.
  11. click pay eZcredit items, to pay your eZcredit entries from your credit balance and confirm your entries.