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TIP: these instructions are also available visually in our mindmap

getting started with eZresults


setting up the event (before the event)

the first step is to set the event up on eZeventing

if you have a subscription you can set your own events up using 'my account'

  1. click 'my account' (located at the top of every page in eZeventing)
  2. if you are not logged in, you will be redirected to the login page. Once logged in you will be redirected back to the 'my account' menu
  3. on the my account menu, under 'event tools', click on 'manage live results'
  4. you will now see a grid that lists your events (assuming you have existing events)
  5. to add a new event click the + button at the bottom left of the grid
  6. in the dialog that pops up, enter the event name, event date and tick the 'has live results' button.
  7. click 'OK' and your event will be created

next to each event is the upload key, take a copy of this key if you are using BEM.

TIP: on the 'manage live results' page click on 'HELP ME' to get more help for managing live results.

VIDEO: setting up live results. (opens in new window)

on event day

with BEM

BEM provides automatic upload functionality to your event, read below for requirements and setup.

requirements BEM version 3.1.9 or later
this can be downloaded from BEM downloads

without BEM

without BEM, you can manually upload your results at any time, following these steps.

from the eZeventing website:
  1. click on 'my account', located at the top of every page.
  2. login, using your email address and password
  3. under 'event tools', click on 'manage live results'
  4. in the grid look for the event you want to upload the results for. if the event is not listed, you will need to create it, click 'HELP ME', to find out how
  5. in the actions column click 'upload' next to that event


getting started with eZreg


setting up the event

currently we are in the process of automating an online setup for event registrations. until that is available, we will set up all event registrations for free.

if you have a paper registration form, email it to us, and we'll do the rest.

exporting the data

from the eZeventing website:
  1. click on 'my account', located at the top of every page.
  2. login, using your email address and password
  3. under 'event tools', click on 'manage events'
  4. find your event in the grid, on the 'manage events' page
  5. click 'entries' next to that event.
  6. on the 'entry report page', click 'configure', to configure how you want your data to be formatted
  7. click save, to save the configuration
  8. click export, to export the data.



The membership tools are accessed from the “my account” menu. There are 2 items there under "memberships tools"
  1. Edit membership types
  2. this is used to add/edit/delete membership types. for example "full member" and "associate member"
  3. View/edit members
  4. this is where the real work is done, "view/edit members" allows you to manage your members.

Configuring eZmember

before you begin adding members, you must fist setup any available membership types.

to begin, click on "edit membership types" in "myaccount".

On the “manage membership types” page you can/edit/delete membership types.

Using eZmember

to begin, click on "view/edit members" in “myaccount”.

You will be presented with a grid that is used to display a list of your members

You can add/edit/delete members using the buttons at the bottom of the grid.

At the bottom of the grid is a set of buttons which perform functions on your list of members

add member add a new member to the list
edit member edit a member that is already in the list
delete member delete a member from the list
search members search for members
reload members list reload the grid.
email list produce a mail list. this is a list of all your members
bulk email members send out a bulk email to all of your members


adding members

  1. click on the add member (add member button) to begin
  2. on the add members screen, begin by searching for a member. You can search on first name, last name and email address, or any part of any of them.
  3. click search to search for a member.
    1. if the member is already subscribed to eZeventing:
    2. they will appear in the list at the bottom of the window. click on the member to highlight them, and then click "add" to add them to your club.
    3. if the member is not found:
    4. click on "member not found".
      this will open a new window, prompting you for the details of the new member.
      when you click "add", the member will be emailed, prompting them to signup with eZeventing, and pay their club membership.