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pricing is designed in order to make it affordable for all organizations, as such there are 2 pricing models

  • corportate
  • for large corporate groups and governing bodies

  • club
  • for individual groups and sporting clubs

type fee
subsription *  
    corporate R1050 per year
    club R505 per year
per event  
    corporate R320 per event
    club R160 per event

* a 1 year subscription entitles the purchasing organization to 12 months unlimited use (as per the terms and conditions)



at eZeventing, we have introduced a simple pricing model. you can setup your events for free, and there are no hidden fees....guarenteed.

account setup free
event setup free
annual fee free

in fact, there are no setup fees, you only start paying once people start registering for your events, you can't lose.


We have two pricing models that are roughly equivalent - one is designed to be really simple and the other requires a little more thought

there are 5 fee scales where the value of the cart determines how much the fee is. Hence, if multiple tickets/entries are made in one cart then the (per item) cost to you is decreased.

your event entry fee eZeventing fee
up to R100 R10 + 2%
R101 to R155 R12 + 2%
R156 to R250 R15 + 2%
R251 to R2000 R20 + 2%
R2000 + contact us for a custom quote



membership processing fee:
10% of membership fee (for membership fee < R450).
8% of membership fee (for membership fee >= R450)

use of the other membership management tools is absolutely free.