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event management products




eZresults provides a live broadcast system for your event.

with eZresults you have the ability to present your event's status and or results on the web, as they happen, allowing anyone with a computer or internet connected phone/device to access the results at the event location, or anywhere in the world. great for those people who couldn't make it to your event, but are still keen to find out how it is going.

for BMX events using the BEM system, there is the added advantage of seamless integration, resulting in minimum setup efforts.

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eZreg is a low cost, flexible tool for all types of organisations that require the ability to collect fees, be it a membership fee, an entry fee to an event, or a fee for a ticket.

you can quickly and easily trial our system for FREE, without the need for your personal or company information. Once satisfied with the idea you can turn your trial event into a live event with a few clicks, and start collecting your fees right away.

the benefits are huge, and best of all, no credit card is required....ever

basically, until you make a profit, there are no costs at all, this is because there are no upfront fees, you only need to pay for each registrant, as they register.



manage data about your members, all in one location, so there is no need for multiple systems.

manage email lists, and send emails to all your members at once.

multiple users? that works too, because it is online, you can access it from anywhere.

see whether or not your members are financial, and send requests for them to pay through eZeventing.

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